Stories About An Infamous Haunted Hair Salon In Florida

The Bisous Hair Salon in Florida has long been known to have weird happening occur under their roof. Locals commonly call it the haunted hair salon in Florida. Recently the current owner contacted a ghost tracker that is known as Perceiver Ghost Tracker. The owner told them that the location of the salon had been built in 1910, but had seen a number of extensions put on through the years, mostly up until 1940.

One of the main claims of the owner is that while he was going about remodeling the establishment he experienced something that could explained as nothing but super natural. When he made the purchase he had no idea he would be owning a haunted hair salon in Florida. He was hard at work when suddenly a plate came flying across the room. He was the only one present and the plate had previously been placed on a half wall around 15 feet from the wall that it smashed against.

Others have said that this establishment is without a doubt haunted. Many visitors have been said to have seen a man in the same room. Each time he is seen he is wearing a matching outfit of a light brown color with stripes running down its sides. There is also a particular door that slams shut on its own that connects to the hallway that no one seems to be able to explain.

After reviewing all of the information provided it was determined that it was worth investigating further. The team of four people went into the salon to begin their investigation. With them they brought -4 IR cameras,3 Hi-8 video cameras, digital cameras, 35mm cameras, pyrometer, gauss meter, tri-field meter and audio recorders. These are some of the highest level technological devices that are commonly used among those in the field of paranormal investigations.

Unfortunately, there was not nearly as much activity as they had hoped for, which really is not all that uncommon. One of the team members did see what is commonly referred to as an orb, which is essentially a light anomaly that can not be explained away. After seeing the light there was a massive spike of 2.5mg. This occurred in the laundry room where both the light anomaly was seen and the apparition of the man has repeatedly been reported by those that have visited.

This investigation occurred in 2007 and since then the apparitions, slamming doors and other odd phenomena have not ceased. In fact, due to the fact that the owners and its regular customers swear by the stories that they have told there is now a very strong legend that warns others of the ghostly happenings that occur there. Some visitors have even recommended that it be set up as an attraction during the fall season. Might as well join the ghosts if you can not beat them seems to be the idea behind it.

Fortunately for the owners of Bisous, the clients have not slowed in coming to use the services that they offer. In fact, they see it as somewhat of a perk that they can have the chance to possibly be a party to a sighting. It is a topic that is often brought up by the customers and staff alike.

If you think that visiting a salon and spa that is haunted sounds like a good way to spend a day you may want to pay them a visit the next time you are in the area. This haunted hair salon in Florida is located in the Punta Gorda area, you only simply need to look them up. If something out of the ordinary does happen be sure to share your tale.

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