The Answers As To Why There Are So Many Chicago Ghost Books

Chicago ghost books seem to come out as often as the seasons change. While some may believe that there are too many out there, the fact of the matter is that there probably are just too many unexplained events happening in the large, bustling city with a relatively long history. From the remains of Native Americans that were built over to the many that have died at the hands of crime and misfortune, it only makes sense that there are more stories that can be written about to this day.

One of the city’s most prominent ghost hunters and writers, Ursula Bielski, has written a number of books on the topic, including a set of volumes for those interested in the topic to enjoy. He hits topics from famous gangsters to locations that are known by locals to harbor friends from the other side. One of his newest books, Chicago Haunts: Ghostlore of the Windy City, covers over 160 years of stories told by those who lived them and those that have heard them growing up in the big city. It is arguably the most comprehensive collection of stories that can be found.

Rachel Brooks also has written a critically acclaimed collection of ghost stories known as Chicago Ghosts. One of the most famous of these includes the tales of the ghosts that have been said to have haunted the studios in which Oprah once hosted her national talk show. Other stories include the ghosts of the Valentine’s Day Massacre, who met their untimely end at the hands of deceit by rival gang members and the terrifying La Llorona who has been rumored to be a thief of children. This collection is definitely a must have if you are looking to have a complete collection of Chicago folklore.

What all of the books about ghosts that have come out of the city of Chicago have in common is that they come from stories that have been told for generations or were experienced by those that live in or have visited the city. A great come from areas that have been inhabited for over a century, but some are really quite new. The ones that are connected to horrific events seem to be the ones that really grab peoples imaginations and attention as they have a real place in history that can be proven without a doubt.

One of these stories that seem to repeat from book to book is that of the lady in red. It is said that a great hotel was built in Chicago, one that would rival hotels around the world in its luxurious amenities. That hotel is known as the Drake Hotel. What has mired that hotel since its first day of being open to the public certainly is not the fairly tale scene that the investors had been hoping for. The night was New Year’s Eve and a gala was held to show off its great extravagance. A lady who is rarely attempted to be referred to by name was wearing a stunning silk gown and found that her fiance had gone missing in the crowd. During her search for him, however, it became apparent that he was in the arms of another instead. Her grief led her to jump off the roof to her death. It is said that she can be seen from time to time reliving her last moments.

There are a great wealth of Chicago Ghost Books and it is likely due to the number of stories that can be told. If you are a fan of either the city or the supernatural this genre is definitely something worth checking out.